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Oct 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
,000 flights across the united states have been canceled. ines ferre is live in new york with more on the wrath of sandy. >>> reporter: hurricane sandy flooded some areas of new york city, knocked out power of thousands, and the southern part of manhattan is virtually shut down. >>> reporter: a storm surge nearly 14 feet high pushed ashore flooding hundreds of miles of coastline from virginia to massachusetts. >> it's the most flooding i have seen in all the years i have lived here. >> reporter: floodwater and high winds have knocked out power to millions of people. >> we are seeing a large number of fires caused by downed wires an electrical problems relating to outages. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters are still battling a blaze in an evacuation in queens. more than 50 homes have already been destroyed. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. and power outages prompted a mass evacuation from nyu hospital when a backup generator failed. dozens of ambulances lined up to evacuate more than 200 patients throughout the early- morning hours and extra help was called in to help mov
Oct 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
himself how he would perform as president of the united states. >> reporter: romney comes out on top when voters were asked who would do a better job with the economy. president obama can claim victory on the question of who would be better for the middle class. >> foreign policy played a key role in the debate when the question turned to the attack in benghazi, libya. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact sir. >> can you say that a little louder candy? >> reporter: democrats crowed about the moderator fact checking romney. romney's team maintains the governor was correct. >> the governor got blindsided a little bit by a moderator who incorrectly tried to affirm what the president said. >> reporter: the two candidates will likely have a chance to answer more questions on libya next monday at the third and final debate which is focused entirely on foreign policy. in the cbs news snap poll 65% of uncommitted voters said they thought president obama had answered the audience's questions, 49% thought
Oct 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
about when you have that tv on. >> turn it off until you are watching us. >> the united states had a 4 point lead but ended up losing. >> won 8 of 12 singles matches on sunday to win the cup. he beats phil he missed this key put late in the game. and came down to the final pairing. martin will sink a put to beat steve and win the rider cup for europe. it was ugly. an epic loss. it's only happened one other time in 1999. >>> they had a big lead. >> they were up 10-4. won the last two saturday. they kept clawing back . we're watching the raider game at your house and kept turning it to solve. >> all right. >> 5:56 now. next half hour, the hundreds of 911 calls over the weekend party. tell you all about that. >> plus bring your own or pay up. why today is considered d day for plastic bags in one bay area city. >> two people are lost off sea. i'll talk about what happened and the search efforts to find them. ,,,,,,,,[ bonnie ] i felt, with sensitive teeth, i had limits put on me. when i went to my dentist, he had said, "we do have a solution for sensitive teeth. you're going to have to cha
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am PDT
is calling for the united states to take a more assertive role in syria, put conditions on aid to egypt and tighten sanctions on iran. a month to go before election day, national polls showing the race at the white house is getting tighter. >>> california is the most expensive place for gas in the country and the governor is taking action to drive down the cost. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in south san francisco right now where the average price, cate, of regular gas is well over 4.60 a gallon. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. actually it's the two stations nearby. one is at 4.79 a gallon the other across the street 4.99 for a gallon of regular. the governor is asking for the release of less expensive blends. the early release will bring up gas supplies 8 to 10%. experts say it could drop gas prices about 15 to 20 cents per gallon of regular but it could still take a week before we see any changes. according to the aaa, gas prices are at record highs in san francisco. we're look at $4.73 for a gavel regular in san jose and oakland. it's $4.67. our state supplies were cut short a
Oct 10, 2012 5:00am PDT
2.5 million vehicles in the united states. the problem in the driver's side power window switch is not known to have caused any injuries. >>> a cancer patient says she was humiliated at a seattle airport. the woman was on her way to hawaii when she says security patdown went a little too far. michelle was departing on what she calls an end of life trip. she is gravely ill. she said she had to lift up her shirt pull back bandages in line and an agent punctured a saline bag she was carrying. she said it was embarrassing. >> when somebody wants to take a trip especially what i call an end of life trip because you want to see your family and friends -- [ crying ] >> -- then it's even more important than just taking a trip. >> tsa in a statement says after checking the video, they have determined that screening procedures were followed properly. >>> coming up, why a bay area police department is encouraging its officers to come out of the closet. >> plus, the as find some way to survive thanks to coco crisp's great catch. our play of the day is coming up next. >> it was awesome. ,,,,
Oct 25, 2012 5:00am PDT
be in vegas. >> ohio could well be the place that elects the next president of the united states. >> a bay area teacher fights back against banned books. >> they are projecting their own small-minded concerns onto the children of everyone. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ] >>> good morning. new this morning a shooting at a san jose shopping center. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us from the plant with more on the investigation. matt. >> reporter: well, details are very sketchy about what happened here outside a baby are us store at the plant shopping -- babies 'r us store at the plant shopping center. we can show you what happened in the last few hours. there is a bullet strike on a window in between babies 'r us and an office max store. there's another shattered window over here. apparently, there was obviously a shooting. what we're hearing is that a woman armed with a gunshot at another woman outside the entrance to these two stores. there's also some evidence of blood splatter over here on the sidewalk.
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
for another korean war. his speech to the united nations was focused mostly on his country's hostile relationship with the u.s. the u.s. state department has not responded to the speech. >>> 5:39. to politics, tomorrow is the big day the first debate between president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. candidates will spend the day getting ready for the event in colorado. the president holding no rallies yesterday but he did visit a campaign office in henderson, nevada, delivered pizzas there, by the way, not far from where he and his staff have been strategizing. romney spoke to supporters in denver. >> this president is taking us on a path that's not working. he is making us more and more like europe. i don't want to be like europe. europe doesn't work in europe. >> at the university of denver crews are putting the final touches on the arena making it into a debate set. yesterday 92 university students learned their names were drawn from a lottery for tickets to the big debate tomorrow night. you won't need a ticket. just tune in here and watch the debate on c
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7